Crafted Fashion

The collection “Crafted Fashion” is based on loss of craftsmanship in the fashion industry.

All craftspeople have material consciousness; all his or her efforts to do good quality work depend on curiosity about the material in hand. Therefore craftspeople    become particularly interested in things which we can change and there are three key methods in which a craftsperson can change something: Metamorphosis, Anthropomorphism and Presence. These three methods were applied to all of the designs to produce a collection of “Crafted Fashion”.

Metamorphosis is applied through metamorphosising the traditional type form structure of a briefcase or bag. Anthropomorphism is applied by engraining the products with human qualities such as integrity and Presence is applied through the using of branding.

Each item is produced by hand, with all stitching completed by hand. All of these pieces are made to order and usually take 4- 6 weeks.

Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Briefcase
Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Arch case
Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Laptop case
Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Picnic Box
Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Trunk case
Crafted Fashion Williams Handmade Satchel
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